7 Start-Ups Graduate from Ideabox, Ooredoo's Accelerator Program in Indonesia

27 April 2015 . Indonesia

In its second round Ideabox unites start-ups with mentors and investors, encourages wider collaboration.

Ooredoo and Indosat continue their drive to power innovation in Indonesia, announcing the graduation of seven start-ups from the second round of their internationally acclaimed and award winning start-up accelerator program, Ideabox. Graduation took place at the Ideabox Arena Demo Day in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Following their Demo Day pitches the start-ups were granted seed funding from both Indosat and Ooredoo as well as promotional assistance towards the launch of their apps.

The seven start-ups -- Wobe, Pawoon, Loyalbox, Wifimu, Gogonesia, Cupslice, and Antar.id – pitched their concepts in front of a packed hall of 130 guests. Hosted from the Kejora office, and Ideabox workspace, the audience included local and international investors, mentors, experts and entrepreneurs from the digital industry.

Alexander Rusli, President Director and CEO of Indosat said: "We are very proud of these startups and the dedicated individuals behind them. In four short months, they have grown and evolved into strong companies with good leadership fundamentals and bankable skills. Their concepts provide solutions to a range of issues faced by real people across Indonesia today. Unsurprisingly, they have already succeeded in gaining solid interest from several investors. Today marks the start of their next chapter. The real challenge now is to penetrate the market and convince people of the every-day benefits these solutions offer."

Dr Nasser Marafih, Group CEO, Ooredoo commented: "In Indonesia, Ideabox is an award-winning example of our commitment to powering world-class innovation on a local stage. Across our markets we are passionate about broadening our customer's digital lifestyles and the creation of local content sits at the heart of this. In this second round of the program, following four months of hard work, these carefully selected start-ups have attracted the interest of local and international investors, including ourselves. As the program enters its third year we continue to be encouraged by the high level of talent it attracts and wish this batch of graduates luck in taking these concepts to market."

Prashant Gokarn, Indosat's Chief of Strategy & Planning Officer spoke about how the Ideabox program has evolved. "We are passionate about driving the growth of a vibrant digital ecosystem in Indonesia. As such, for the program's second round we fine-tuned the curriculum to include relevant skills, including UI/UX, to help the startups learn how to build user-friendly apps at scale. We're very confident that each one has grown to become a promising investment proposition. One graduating startup has already been funded by Ooredoo, while others are currently in discussion with Indosat to pursue further partnerships."

"We hope to set ARENA1 Demo Day as a benchmark for any startup showcase event in Indonesia. The opportunity for startups to pitch in front of investors can also create opportunities for investors to network with other industry stakeholders in a relaxed and friendly setting, creating further collaboration across our space," said Andy Zain, Managing Director of Mountain Kejora Ventures.

The Ideabox accelerator offers an intensive 4 month acceleration program which provides 24-7 mentoring, seed funding, facilities, a structured curriculum and access to an extensive network of local and international startup founders and advisors. Following graduation the startups continue to receive strong support from Indosat and Ooredoo. This support includes commercial partnerships, co-location, payment integration and mobile advertising support to help them achieve success and access to millions of Indonesian mobile customers.


Wobe empowers low-income Indonesians by providing opportunities for earning additional side income through micro-business opportunities. Wobe encourages low-income women to access information through the internet. As the number of smartphone users in Indonesia continues to increase, women are less likely to possess internet-enabled mobile phones, with those owning phones not using their devices often.



Gogonesia is a travel portal for discovering and booking activities and day tours in Indonesia. It offers a spectrum of fun activities and adventurous tour packages.



Loyalbox is an employee benefit program offered to companies of all sizes. Loyalbox repurposes mobile apps as digital stamp cards to help the retail industry in connecting and engaging customers more effectively and efficiently. Loyalbox provides a variety of customized marketing and loyalty tools that are easy to create and manage for all retailers.



WiFimu is a wireless network and social media-based marketing tool, which converts the wifi of business owners' from a business liability to a digital marketing asset.



Antar.id is a mobile app-based courier system harnessing the Ojek network within urban cities.



Cupslice is a photo editing mobile app that allows photos to be decorated with goodies, stickers and other effects to encourage fun and localized content.



Pawoon is a cloud-based POS online system that assists storeowners in monitoring their store regardless of time and location. Pawoon's target markets include franchises, café shops, restaurants, and SMEs within the retail industry.