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Vision and values

Enriching people's lives

We are a community-focused company and have a responsibility to contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate.

We want to stimulate human growth.  To do this we work to enrich our customers´ everyday lives, helping them to fulfil their aspirations and reach their potential.

Our future lies in transforming that vision into reality.

What we stand for

It’s not just what we do but how we do it

Three core values sit at the heart of what we do.
They define us, serve as a guide to how we work and are central to the customer experience we offer.

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We always seek to engage with our customers on a human level. We’re collaborative and part of the communities in which we operate.

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We care for our customers and each other.  We are supportive, trusted, respectful of others and responsible.

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We’re progressive; always looking to improve and always trying to make a difference. 

Our promise

We will not only inspire you to do more but will support you and help you to grow, delivering the tools you need to get there through your mobile device.

  1. 1987

    With the creation of Qtel Group, Qatar Public Telecommunications Corporation is established

  2. 1994

    Wireless service introduced in Qatar

  3. 1996

    Internet and paging comes to Qatar

  4. 1998

    Qatar Public Telecommunications Corporation transformed into Qatar Telecom (“Qtel”) and Qtel listed on Doha Securities Market

  5. 1999

    Qtel listed on the London Stock Exchange

  6. 2001

    Qtel listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange

  7. 2002

    Qtel is listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange
    Broadband Internet (ADSL high-speed Internet access) launched across Qatar.

  8. 2005

    Official launch of Nawras, Qtel's subsidiary in the Sultanate of Oman.

  9. 2006

    3G wireless is launched in Qatar

  10. 2007

    Wi-Tribe, a Qtel Group company launches operations
    Qtel acquires Wataniya Telecom

  11. 2008

    Qtel International formed

  12. 2009

    Qtel purchases an ownership stake in Indosat

  13. 2011

    Wataniya Mobile Palestine listed on Palestine Exchange
    Nawras listed on Muscat Stock Market

  14. 2012

    Qtel Group expands ownership stakes in Tunisiana, Wataniya and Asiacell

  15. 2013

    Asiacell listed on Iraqi Stock Exchange

  16. 2013

    Football star Lionel Messi supports Ooredoo in various programmes

  17. 2013

    Re-branding of the Group under the “Ooredoo” brand

  18. 2013

    Awarded new mobile license in Myanmar

  19. 2013

    Nedjma rebrands as Ooredoo Algeria

  20. 2013

    Wataniya Maldives rebrands as Ooredoo Maldives

  21. 2014

    Tunisiana rebrands as Ooredoo Tunisia

  22. 2014

    Wataniya Telecom (Kuwait) becomes Ooredoo Kuwait

  23. 2014

    Ooredoo announces joint venture with Rocket Internet

  24. 2014

    Launch of 3G network in Myanmar

  25. 2014

    Nawras transforms into Ooredoo Oman

  26. 2015

    Ooredoo reaches 100 million customer milestone